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Is your dishwasher leaking and slowly causing water damage in your kitchen?
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Your dishwasher isn’t getting your dishes clean anymore, leaving food debris and residue on your dishes, even after multiple washes? In either case, if dirty dishes are piling up and you can’t keep washing them by hand, it’s probably time to call an experienced dishwasher technician and get your dishwasher repaired now

Never Leave Your Dishwasher Broken Again.

Our technicians are qualified to repair all issues that might pop up with your refrigerator, some of the most common issues that are being dealt with by us on a daily basis are the following.


That are being dealt by us on a daily basis are the following:

The dishwasher leaks inside or on the floor

The dishwasher is noisy

The dishwasher won't drain

The dishwasher won't end the cycle

If you have just moved into a new condo or house, the dishwasher that is there was installed by the builder and no longer doing its job well, you decide to buy a new one, great! Our technicians are certified, insured and most importantly, highly experienced. They will work through all the surprises that might come up while freeing you from this trouble to deal with what is really important, cooking tonight’s dinner.

Call us or Schedule Online to book an appointment for Dishwasher Installation Service.

Our dishwasher installation service includes:

  • Disconnect the existing Dishwasher
  • Connect plumbing and electrical connections according to Standard Code and Safety.
  • Secure the Dishwasher in the right place.
  • Check all connections.


Question: Why do my dishes come out dirty after the cycle? Answer:

It is mostly suggested to rinse your dishes prior to putting them in the dishwasher. The dishwasher is good for cleaning but can’t detect and treat all the hard greasy spots as expected sometimes.

Question: I have tried cleaning my dishwasher, but the bad smell just doesn’t go away. Answer:

For bed smell to appear in your dishwasher, it could be because there is a clog in the drain system that prevents full drain of the water or leaving dirty water inside that is smelly. Another reason might be that some gunk might get into the circulation hose and/or pump leaving bed scent in there after everything dried up. Please call us and we will assign one of our experts that will do deep cleaning and get rid of this smell for good.

Question: My dishwasher is leaking, how can I fix this? Answer:

Leaking dishwashers must be attended to immediately in order to save you a lot of problems and headaches. Water damage is critical to your property and as such, it needs to be taken care of ASAP. close the water line to the dishwasher and call an expert to check it out.

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