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A dryer is a complex appliance. From thermal fuses to drum rollers, they contain multiple parts. Moreover, each brand includes its special features, so don’t take chances! If you want to get your dryer repair done right, simply reach out to us. Technicians of Svet Appliance Repair are familiar with a vast variety of makes and models. Qualified to repair all issues and equipped with a proper set of parts and tools, we can fix most problems then and there. We assign the best local experts to you. Never leave your dryer broken again.

Never leave your dryer broken again.

Our technicians are qualified to repair all issue that might pop up with your washer, some of the most common issues that are being dealt by us on a daily basis are the following.


That are being dealt by us on a daily basis are the following:

Cycle lasts for hours

The dryer is hot but cloths stays damp or wet

The dryer will run but would not heat

Dryer is not working at all

If you see any of these things: red flags/alerts/ problems or worried there might be something else wrong, just give us a call and we will be there as soon as possible.

We are prepared to deal with any number of problems and are equipped to fix the dryer’s motor, main control panel, heat element machine, belt, transmission or lid switch.

Furthermore, all technicians are fully licensed and insured. They carry stocks of most common parts. When possible, they can repair the dryer as soon as the problem is diagnosed, our technician carries stock of most common parts.


A dryer is a complicated machine and it has complex issues. We always recommend checking with a professional as it might save you a lot of hassles and money to order a new one. Most dryer repairs are worth it and are usually financially smart. Here are a few common issues:

Question: My dryer is not heating, is it worth fixing it? Answer:

Yes, most chances are that your dryer is worth fixing. Usually when a dryer is not heating it means that either a fuse or a heating element has blown. Those repairs are common and parts are mostly available.

Question: Why is my dryer's drum not spinning? Answer:

The drum is a durable part and only breaks on rare occasions. Usually a drum that won't spin is a symptom for a different issue that might be caused by a faulty part such as the pulley, belt and even motor. It is best recommended to let a professional examine your dryer and do a proper repair. Call now to book an appointment.

Question: My dryer is making strange loud squeaking or squealing noises, is it going to break down soon? Answer:

A noisy dryer means that there is a problem with one of the moving parts in the dryer. It might be the motor, roller or other parts that might have loosen up within the years. In order to have a better idea, our technician needs to open up the dryer to check the source while running. Let our experts take care of it. Hurry up and call us to book a time of your comfort.

Question: Why does my dryer run for a few seconds then stops completely? Answer:

Dryer that shuts after several seconds is a symptom of a variety of problems, from bed thermistor to humidity sensor. These problems require a deep knowledge on the appliance operation. We recommend calling an expert for a proper and accurate diagnosis

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