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ou are shutting off the cooktop but the element is still running no matter what ?!
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You and your family are about to hit dinner time. You throw a frozen pizza and some wedges into the oven and nothing happens? The kids are hungry and upset and today it seems you are ordering in… Don’t work for your oven call Svet appliance repair and we will make sure to fix your oven in no time!

Svet appliance repair technicians have seen a wide range of problems with kitchen appliances. That means our team is well–versed in handling nearly any type of repair job on your stove or oven.

We make it our mission to quickly identify the issue and provide an effective solution.

never leave your Oven & stove broken again.

Our technicians are qualified to repair all issues that might pop up with your Oven & Stove, some of the most common issues that are being dealt with by us daily on The stove are the following.


That are being dealt by us on a daily basis are the following:

The stove/cooktop work but the oven doesn’t

The door locked and won’t open

Range/oven does work at all

The oven takes forever to preheat

If you see any of these things or worried there might be something else wrong,
Just give us a call and we will be there as soon as possible.
We also provide service for cooktop, induction cooktop, wall oven, convection oven and freestanding ranges from all the brands.

We are prepared to deal with any number of problems and are equipped to fix the heating element Fan motor and door gasket to fix the thermostat or install a new one.

Furthermore, all technicians are fully licensed and insured and will, when possible, repair the Oven & stove as soon as the problem is diagnosed, our technician carry stock of the most common parts


Question: My oven is not working at all. What are the causes? Answer:

Several reasons can explain why the oven is not working. From blown fuse to bed breaker or wiring, an oven is a very dangerous appliance and as such leave it to us to check it out. Quickly give us a call and we will send a technician to you.

Question: Why is my oven not heating to the temperature that I set it on? Answer:

This issue is very common but depending on the source of the problem, some ovens are complex and some are easier to fix. It could be a broken element, burnt relay and/or others. While broken elements areeasy to spot, it's not as simple to fix. We recommend calling our technician now.

Give us a call and we will send someone over right away.
We will determine the cause of the washer malfunction and will let you know what we think the next steps should be.​​

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