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It’s the weekend and you have just put in a load of laundry. You plow the snow and when you come back the washer is done but the cloth is still soaked! Don’t you worry!

If your washer has broken down, you can trust our expert technicians to diagnose and repair any washing machine problem that you are having, in your home or your business.

We service all major brands and types of washing machines, so no matter what is the problem or issue, our technicians are available throughout Toronto and the GTA for fast, professional and reliable same-day washer repair services. Service calls will be free with every qualified repair!

never leave your washer brokwn again

We understand how inconvenient it is when your washing machine is not operating when you need it the most. We can help you to repair it. (Our technicians are qualified to repair all issues that might pop up with your washer,) Some of the most common issues that are being dealt with by us daily are the following:


That are being dealt by us on a daily basis are the following:

Water leaks

The cycle does not complete

The Washing machine is not draining

Your machine wont go into a cycle

If you see any of these symptoms happening or you are concerned there might be something else wrong, just give us a call and we will be there as soon as possible.

We are prepared to face and handle all types of problems, deal with any number of problems, and are equipped to fix the washer’s motor, main control panel, drain hose and/or pump, machine belt, transmission or lid switch.

Furthermore, all technicians are fully licensed and insured. our technicians carry stock of the most common parts.

When possible, our technicians will repair the washer as soon as the problem is diagnosed.


A washer is an essential appliance and we need it to get along with our day-to-day appearances. Though it is tempting to try and repair it yourself, it is best to hire a professional for this task. It might look easy on the video but if it is not handled correctly, it might cause serious damage to your property.

Question: The water doesn’t drain. Is something blocked? Answer:

The washer is a highly used appliance. When it's not draining, you first need to check the drain connection for the interruption. If all is clear, there might be a few other reasons, and the most common one is a clog. Some of the washers have a twist filter that you can check by yourself, some don't have it. In any case, if something is clogged in your pump, please call our experts to avoid any flooding or damage to your property.

Question: My washer runs, but it stops mid-cycle. Why is that? Answer:

The washer might stop for several reasons, it might be a bad transmission actuator or even the control board or timer. These issues usually require a technician to come over, have a look to provide a diagnosis. Give us a call anytime!

Question: My washer can’t stay still, it vibrates a lot and it makes strange noises. Answer:

Vibrating washers happen for several reasons such as weak suspension rods, unbalanced washers or even just a bearing. Before calling a technician, we highly recommend checking if the machine is levelled. It might save you some money.

Give us a call and we will send someone over right away.
We will determine the cause of the washer malfunction and will let you know what we think the next steps should be.​​

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